Top 3 Premium and Best multichannel e-commerce platforms in Australia that will help your online store grow

Multi channel e-commerce is one of those strategies that has really kept up its popularity in the e-commerce world, which is why we are not surprised to learn that more and more business owners are considering it every single day. This is a strategy that can be very difficult to handle, because there are so many different elements that you need to take care of at the same time, so using a good platform is a great way for you to get the results and the benefits that this type of retail can bring you. Today we are going to talk about a few different platforms in order to find out which is the best one to use in Australia, so make sure you keep reading until the end to find out more. For more information:


One of the best options available that you may not have heard of in Australia is PrestaShop. This is an open source type of software that is mostly known for being incredibly robust and having a very large list of features available to you, as well as some of the best customization opportunities in the business. The multichannel integration that you will get with this platform is very advanced, especially when it comes to integrating with the Amazon marketplace. This integration will cost you $119, however we believe that it will be completely worth it. This money is actually paying for the plug-in, and it also comes with free customer support via chat, email or phone, which means that you can be sure that you will get the necessary help you need, no matter the time of day. Apart from integrating with Amazon you will also be able to get a very good integration with eBay, and all you will have to do is get the eBay integration for PrestaShop plug-in. And finally, something that makes this platform stand out is the fact that it has a Google Shopping module available, and what this will do is enable you to list your products on Google shopping. This is not as popular as Amazon or eBay, but it still has a prospective audience of thousands of customers.  


 A platform that you have definitely heard of, no matter where you live in the world, is Shopify. This is a very well-known platform, specifically for its great features, tools and multi channel retail capabilities, so it is a great one for you to try. Something that is great about the solution is that it is constantly under development, with a very strong focus on adding new channels, and that means that you can be sure that your e-commerce will always be up-to-date with the latest trends, as well as have the latest and most important integrations of the moment. As we mentioned, some of the best things about this platform that people absolutely love are the tools and features that you will get to use, however we feel that one of the best things about this platform is how easy it is to use. Shopify is the type of solution that will accommodate any kind of business, no matter the size, and will work for any kind of business owner, no matter the amount of experience or technical knowledge. When it comes to the integrations with different channels, you will get great integrations with Amazon, which is one of the largest market places in the world. You will be able to completely synchronize you were Shopify store with Amazon, and the best part is that this whole process involves nothing more then you clicking a few buttons in the Shopify dashboard. After that all you will have to do is make sure you’re creating Amazon friendly listings, and that you’re following their strict guidelines, and you can have your entire product catalog both on your e-commerce and on Amazon. This is also a solution that is highly suited with for when you want to sell on social media platforms. Selling on social media is a huge trend right now, and something that is working out brilliantly for a lot of businesses in Australia, and all you have to do is generate a Buy button that you can place on your social media pages and allow your customers to shop directly from there.


If you’re looking for something that is self hosted, then there is probably no better option for you than him. This is a particularly good option for multichannel ecommerce, especially for medium sized businesses. A great asset of this platform is the fact that it is completely customizable things to the fact that it is open sores and self hosted. You will be able to ask is the code and completely re-write it, and that means that you can design the website of your dreams. You will get a very wide range of features for this type of retail, and while it does require pretty significant customization for most businesses, we believe that setting aside the time and the budget to hire someone to do it for you will definitely be worth it. Integrations with eBay, Amazon and Racuten are just a few that you will get when working with this platform. All you need is an extension called M2EE, and the best part is that it is priced depending on your store’s monthly sales, so that means that it will be priced according to what you make. There are also three different plans that you can choose from, starter, business or enterprise, so that you can control what you spend even further.

Multichannel retail can be a great asset to your business, as long as you know what you are doing and if you are putting in the right amount of hard work to get things right. We hope that reading this article and getting to know Shopify,  Magento and PrestaShop has helped you figure out which way is the right way for your business in Australia, that you are going to check them out and that one of them will end up being the perfect fit for your business.

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