The Best Mobile Credit Card Readers

The Best Mobile Credit Card Readers

Nowadays many people prefer not to keep any cash on them, which is why it is important to have a mobile credit card reader so that you do not lose out on any customers. It is advantageous for business owners to invest in mobile processing because your customers are now relying more on tech and they expect you to do the same. The following are certain mobile credit card readers that are known for specific qualities.

  1. Square

The square reader and app is seen to be the most recognizable mobile card reader overall. It has a low feel with a simple set up. Square is the best card reader for small business that needs an affordable and easy to use way to accept payments at all times. You get a free card swiper and access to the point of sale app. Square may not be the cheapest in terms of pricing but it is the simplest to use.

Square can be used on android and apple phones and tablets and it accepts payment from all the well-known credit cards. It also assures to deposit the money within 2 days on average. It has a good security base which will ensure protection of yours and your customers’ personal information.

  1. PayAnywhere

PayAnywhere is the best reader in terms of pricing and receiving next day funding. There is no monthly subscription fee included in the package and you are provided with a free card reader as well. Its mPOS services consist of personalized receipts, customer support, inventory management and a lot more with no extra cost.

  1. PayPal Here

PayPal is known for sending and receiving payments for businesses all over the world. It does not include a monthly subscription fee and it can easily take in-person or online payments from anywhere. PayPal Here also includes other specifications that can be enabled through Bluetooth from a wide range of mobile devices.

  1. Fattmerchant

Fattmerchant is a good option to choose if your business engages in many transactions a month, say about 1000, or more. Fattmerchant also charges a monthly subscription cost as well as a low transaction fee per payment. Moreover it also provides customers with 24/7 technical support and a lot more. Those clients who have been with them long-term can also opt for next day funding. This card reader option is best used for large businesses and not the smaller ones.